Welcome to Bali Wedding Cake

Welcome to Bali. The international island and the most wanted tourism destination.

Bali is called with many names: the heaven on earth, island of the Gods, island of thousands temples, and many other. No matter how people call it, Bali is really beautiful. With tropical climate, white sandy beach, friendly citizens, unique culture, and many more, no wonder Bali is the ultimate destination for many important and special occasions. And many people fell in love with this island, so they decided to live in Bali.

We are Monique’s cake and tart, a company in cake business. We served local and international customers. Many kind of cakes for weddings, birthdays and any other events. All of our cakes are made freshly, because we work “order-based” only, that’s why we never have stock. We will help you to make your event successful.


I Love The Rainbow Cake. Thank you so much.
- by Dodi.

My Birthday Cake look beautiful.
- by Santi.

This is the right place for buy Wedding Cake in Bali.
- by Made.

It's so delicious.
- by Tama.